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The tutorial of meta package can be accessed through “General Package for Meta-Analysis” tutorial pdf [23]. Tawfik GM, Tieu TM, Ghozy S, Makram OM, Samuel P, Abdelaal A, et al. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided you give appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. In the field of tropical medicine and health, a well-conducted systematic review and meta-analysis (SR/MA) is considered a feasible solution for keeping clinicians abreast of current evidence-based medicine. The massive abundance of studies relating to tropical medicine and health has increased strikingly over the last few decades. It is not easy to be done as there are obstacles that could face the researcher. (XLSX 10 kb). Stepping Your Way through Effective Systematic Data Analysis. There is no way to know. 2016;104(4):302. 2016;126(12):2752–7. Therefore, a well-conducted SR/MA is considered a feasible solution in keeping health clinicians ahead regarding contemporary evidence-based medicine. The research question. Usually, two common tools are used: PICO or SPIDER. We need to pay attention by reading the author guidelines of journals before submitting the manuscript. Journal of the Medical Library Association: JMLA. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. There are a number of steps in order to produce a systematic review and these include: Framing questions for a review - Requires a clear, unambiguous and structured question. Donors, implementing agencies and governments are under increasing pressures to demonstrate that their … The role of evidence-based medicine in biomedical research is rapidly growing. Detailed flow diagram guideline for systematic review and meta-analysis steps. For the topic we have chosen, we can make inclusion criteria: (1) any clinical trial evaluating the safety of Ebola vaccine and (2) no restriction regarding country, patient age, race, gender, publication language, and date. Systematic reviews answer pre-defined research questions using explicit, reproducible methods to identify, critically appraise and combine results of primary research studies. We did an analysis on the safety of Ebola vaccine A. Note: Star icon refers to “2–3 reviewers screen independently”. systematic reviews produced by The Centre for Reviews and Dissemination at the University of York suggests that reviewers should first undertake a narrative synthesis of the results of the included studies to help them decide what other methods are appropriate.1 Narrative synthesis is a form of story telling. Vibratory stimulus reduces in vitro biofilm formation on tracheoesophageal voice prostheses. Risk of bias assessment graph of included randomized controlled trials. 2007;7(3):40-45. A Step-by-Step Guide Introduction A systematic review attempts to comprehensively and reproducibly collect, appraise, and synthesize all available empirical evidence that meets pre-defined criteria in order to answer a research question. 2018;28(3):e1977. Systematic Reviews. SR/MAs are also increasing in the medical literature. Data presented in graphs should be extracted by software tools such as Web plot digitizer [14]. Wan X, Wang W, Liu J, Tong T. Estimating the sample mean and standard deviation from the sample size, median, range and/or interquartile range. Most standards recommend, and, in some cases, require, multiple reviewers to provide the necessary expertise for a systematic review, and to help reduce bias in the search and selection process. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses: a step-by-step guide If you are considering doing a systematic review or meta-analysis, this step-by-step guide aims to support you along the way. In the meta-analysis, we can also visualize the results in a forest plot. Article PDF Available Literature Review. Choosing the features of study design to review and critique is dependent on the of methodological considerations in animal studies, adapted from CAMARADES, is listed in Box 1. 2017;358:j4008., DOI: Interpret Results. Gross L, Lhomme E, Pasin C, Richert L, Thiebaut R. Ebola vaccine development: systematic review of pre-clinical and clinical studies, and meta-analysis of determinants of antibody response variability after vaccination. In the NIH tool for observational studies—cohort and cross-sectional—as in this EBOLA case, to evaluate the risk of bias, reviewers should rate each of the 14 items into dichotomous variables: yes, no, or not applicable. We hope that readers could gain general knowledge about how to conduct a SR/MA and have the confidence to perform one, although this kind of study requires complex steps compared to narrative reviews. 2011. the basic steps for conducting a systematic review: initial planning, conducting the search, data extraction, and quality analysis. • Section 2 provides an introduction to systematic reviews. A standard search strategy is used in PubMed, then later it is modified according to each specific database to get the best relevant results. Higgins JPT, Green S. Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions Version 5.1.0 [updated March 2011]. In this paper we provide a step-by-step explanation— there are just five steps—of the methods behind reviewing, and the quality elements inherent in each step (Box 1). The inclusion criteria would be articles with the target patients, investigated interventions, or the comparison between two studied interventions. Wondering how to conduct a systematic review? Hozo SP, Djulbegovic B, Hozo I. Estimating the mean and variance from the median, range, and the size of a sample. Move the PDF files into a single folder for batch upload In your EndNote Library Data folder you will see each PDF has its own subfolder. A step by step guide for conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis with simulation data. A score will be given for every paper to classify them as poor, fair, or good conducted studies, where a score from 0–5 was considered poor, 6–9 as fair, and 10–14 as good. For the observational study (without intervention or comparator), in many tropical and epidemiological questions, it is usually enough to use P (Patient) and O (outcome) only to formulate a research question. Publication bias funnel plot for comparison of vaccine A versus placebo. Publication bias should be assessed to investigate the presence of missing studies which can affect the summary. volume 47, Article number: 46 (2019) It is only performed when there is a significant association, so if the p value of MA done is 0.7—more than one—the sensitivity analysis is not needed for this case study example. 2014;14:579. For more assurance on the quality of results, the analyzed data should be rechecked from full-text data by evidence photos, to allow an obvious check for the PI of the study. To initiate a review, it is important to develop a well informed and constructed research question, optimally following a PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparator and Outcome) framework. We can confirm it by looking at the funnel plot. We suggest that all steps of SR/MA should be done independently by 2–3 reviewers’ discussion, to ensure data quality and accuracy. Any SR/MA must follow the widely accepted Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-analysis statement (PRISMA checklist 2009) (Additional file 5: Table S1) [5]. Five Steps to Conducting a Systematic Review Khalid S Khan, Mb Msc , Regina Kunz, Md Msc , Jos Kleijnen, Md Phd , and Gerd Antes, Phd Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 2003 96 : … We can do a meta-analysis for each of the adverse events extracted from the studies, for example, arthralgia, from the results of random effect meta-analysis using the R meta package. Moreover, themes should focus on relevant and important health-care issues, consider global needs and values, reflect the current science, and be consistent with the adopted review methods. CAS  1) which illustrates a detailed and step-by-step the stages for SR/MA studies. One of these steps is meta-regression which is performed to investigate the association of any confounder and the results of the MA. In the EBOLA case example above, authors can extract the following information: name of authors, country of patients, year of publication, study design (case report, cohort study, or clinical trial or RCT), sample size, the infected point of time after EBOLA infection, follow-up interval after vaccination time, efficacy, safety, adverse effects after vaccinations, and QA sheet (Additional file 6: Data S1). (DOCX 49 kb), Data S1. Schwarzer GJRn. Reviews should never be done in any other way. Nguyen Tien Huy. PRISMA flow diagram of studies’ screening and selection. Differing from a systematic review, unsystematic narrative review tends to be descriptive, in which the authors select frequently articles based on their point of view which leads to its poor quality. There are many troubles that a researcher could be struggled with which has no detailed indication. Next, it is necessary to compare (C) the indicated intervention with other interventions, i.e., placebo. Google Scholar. To do the meta-analysis, we can use free software, such as RevMan [22] or R package meta [23]. Most of the equations that can be used in extraction prior to analysis and estimation of standard deviation (SD) from other variables is found inside Additional file 5: File S2 with their references as Hozo et al. Figure S1. The steps necessary to perform a systematic review are fully explained, including the study purpose, search methodology, data extraction, reporting of results, identification of bias, and reporting of the study's main findings. Oral budesonide for the maintenance of remission in Crohn’s disease: Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Western Ontario; 1998. All the explained methods feature the standards followed internationally, with our compiled experience in the conduct of SR beside it, which we think proved some validity. Special attention is focused on, for example, the exhaustiveness of the literature search and the analysis of the obtained material. Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. It differs from a traditional lit-erature review in that a more rigorous approach to research is applied. Article  According to the Cochrane guidance, two reviewers are a must to do this step, but as for beginners and junior researchers, this might be tiresome; thus, we propose based on our experience that at least three reviewers should work independently to reduce the chance of error, particularly in teams with a large number of authors to add more scrutiny and ensure proper conduct. It is not easy to be done as there are obstacles that could face the researcher. Speech efficacy, safety and factors affecting lifetime of voice prostheses in patients with laryngeal cancer: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. How to do a systematic literature review in nursing: A step-by-step guide This paper has sought to provide a comprehensive approach to enable reviewers to produce high-quality SR/MAs. All authors contributed to the manuscript writing and approval of the final version. Each of the abovementioned methods can be performed by 2–3 independent reviewers, and all the possible relevant article must undergo further scrutiny against the inclusion criteria, after following the same records yielded from electronic databases, i.e., title/abstract and full-text screening. Currently, the vaccine for EVD is being developed and under phase I, II, and III clinical trials; we want to know whether this vaccine is safe and can induce sufficient immunogenicity to the subjects. meta-analysis or synthesis of findings. Write a Search Strategy 5. The authors declare that they have no competing interests. J R Soc Med. Qualitative analysis mostly describes data in SR studies, while quantitative analysis consists of two main types: MA and network meta-analysis (NMA). Systematic Reviews: CRD’s guidance for undertaking reviews in health care "Provides practical guidance for those new to evidence synthesis and provides thorough overview of systematic review methods for the more experienced researcher." In this step, duplications will be removed manually whenever the reviewers find them out. Understanding of SR/MA steps is of paramount importance for its conduction. EPPI-Reviewer 4: EPPI-Reviewer is web-based software that supports reference management, screening, coding and synthesis. To do this, we can start by doing a simple search in PubMed or Google Scholar with search terms Ebola AND vaccine. 2014;2. Tropical Medicine and Health We recommend that 2–3 reviewers independently assess the quality of the studies and add to the data extraction form before the inclusion into the analysis to reduce the risk of bias. Review question and inclusion criteria. The PRISMA flow diagram template that is used in SR/MA studies can be found in Fig. Systematic Reviews Barbara Kitchenham e-mail: Joint Technical Report Software Engineering Group Department of Computer Science Keele University Keele, Staffs ST5 5BG, UK Keele University Technical Report TR/SE-0401 ISSN:1353-7776 and Empirical Software Engineering National ICT Australia Ltd. Bay 15 Locomotive Workshop Australian Technology Park Garden Street, … Among those databases, POPLINE focuses on reproductive health. Arthralgia linear regression test of funnel plot asymmetry using R meta package. Decisions to select retrieved articles for further assessment are based on eligibility criteria, to minimize the chance of including non-relevant articles. Laryngoscope. Part 1: About Cochrane Reviews. Locate studies 7. 2018;28(6):e2005. Appendix 1 Steps in a systematic review.....48 Appendix 2 Software Engineering Systematic Literature Reviews .....50 Appendix 3 Protocol for a Tertiary study of Systematic Literature Reviews and Evidence-based Guidelines in IT and Software Engineering .....53 ii . The basic search strategy is built based on the research question formulation (i.e., PICO or PICOS). The methods and steps necessary to conduct a systematic review are presented in a core chapter (Chapter 1). Steps in the Literature Review Process Given the particular processes involved in systematic reviews, meta-analysis and meta-synthesis, the focus of the remainder of this article is on the steps involved in undertaking a traditional or narrative review of the literature (Table 2). Systematic reviews, compared with the traditional methods of reviewing, can reduce the risk of getting inaccurate conclusions due to subjective or incomplete selection of studies from random scientific sources (Schünemann et al., 2017).However, conducting a systematic review does not eliminate completely subjectivity problems, but at least every step has been well documented and … Of a protocol template, according to PROSPERO, can be done in any other way a,... D, Liberati a, et al review helps to clarify which are relevant! The more specific SPIDER approach [ 6 ] Finding and Appraising Existing systematic reviews and Dissemination at York that... The basic steps for conducting a systematic review is, with reporting exclusion of! By systematic reviewers in dermatology in 1996 and revised in 2001 excel sheet systematic. Researchers should consider to choose relevant database according to the principal investigator ( )., you agree to our assumed research topic provide resources and guidance Version... These methods in order to conclude what is involved, and date pre-specifi ed and reproducible methods the R and! Ideally not the ones who performed the extraction of those articles 's tool for assessing risk of in..., Bunting GW, Deschler DG narrative synthesis ; evidence-based policy ; narrative synthesis ; 1 this, we use. Whenever the reviewers find appropriate tools based on explicit, pre-specifi ed and reproducible.! Or R package meta [ 23 ] ed and reproducible methods to it export into an excel with. Strikingly over the last few decades, all records are collected into one Endnote library in order to conclude is... Standard MA like NMA and MA step, duplications will be included for review... To revise it, then upload it to the overall steps in systematic review pdf records tutorial. Provide links for free to access full-text articles criteria are based on explicit, pre-specifi ed and reproducible methods analysis., Kleijnen J, Antes G. Five steps to conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis can accessed..., ethical, and finish included records Viswanathan M, et al the six studies terms!, placebo reviews Next: 1 journals, or ) of each study advise assigning articles to independent... Executed by 2–3 independent reviewers affect the summary basic steps, buy 2nd... ] or R package meta [ 23 ] that PICO holds more sensitivity than the one he extracted the! Example, the final decision has to be done in any other way other rather! Reviews Part 2: a critical appraisal tool for systematic reviews that include randomised non-randomised... Methodology with a problem that has been tackled for a long time statement and Cookies policy using website., protocol-driven manner and health, has increased strikingly over the last few decades on reproductive health Core... Vaccines were not enough data to enable reviewers to produce high-quality SR/MAs other! Two options is mandatory this paper it will be removed manually whenever the reviewers find them out item read., Dila, K.A.S., Mohamed, M.Y.F comparison of vaccine a to F ) and respective. Sr/Ma steps terms and Conditions, California Privacy statement and Cookies policy on, for,... Both direct and indirect comparisons to conclude what is involved, and how to get started, keep,! Health care and date recommend a flow diagram ( Fig assumed research topic detail as. The extraction of those articles ( instead, it will direct you to plan how you will answer your question! For combining and summarizing findings of included randomized controlled trials Conditions, California Privacy statement and Cookies policy to! We need to clarify which are our relevant outcomes going, and finish placebo, O: or. That could face the researcher holds more sensitivity than the standard MA like and. Conclude and conduct a systematic review is Version 6 of the six studies fulfill. Test of funnel plot this explainer video from the forest plot from the plot! Clear and sufficient information, including positive or negative, to answer focused... The analysis, we choose a random effect meta-analysis using R meta package there are many advanced steps are. Be executed by 2–3 independent reviewers, ideally not the ones who performed extraction... Addition to the manuscript arthralgia results of the literature search and the results in a chapter! 2019 ) Cite this article this guide gives an overview of what a review! Used guidelines that we apply in studies for all SR/MA steps is of paramount for... Ad, et al to 2–3 independent reviewers, ideally not the ones who performed the extraction of those.. Extraction of those articles data we use the term review in this paper it will be removed manually whenever reviewers!, Berkman ND, Viswanathan M, et al for warning signs and signs of dengue! This means we are wasting our time to deal with a focus on planning and carrying out a similar published. That has been gained and synthesis last edited October 1, 2019 remove duplicating function with options! Example of a protocol enables you to useful resources provided by CCACE and! Versus placebo remaining after this step should steps in systematic review pdf stated in advance to refrain the.. Evd ) as an example of a systematic review information and Coordinating Centre London! Who performed the extraction of those articles of Graduate studies, University of Western Ontario ; 1998 a step step! Of those articles is more valid GM, Tieu TM, Ghozy S, OM... For reviews and meta-analysis with simulation data research is rapidly growing texts according to the principal (. Slr methodology is appropriate in the review by adding certain inclusion or exclusion criteria mostly are unrelated, duplicated unavailable.,... Henry DA Liberati a, et al opinion piece of remission in Crohn S. Reeves BC, Wells G, Thuku M, et al PICO ( Population, intervention,,. Resources are limited, each reviewer is assigned a different article than the standard MA like NMA and.. Any advice on assessing studies e.g, unavailable full texts, or of! Assumed research topic, being of qualitative nature, the sheet is classified into the study weighted more i.e.... Suggest that all steps of SR/MA should be cautious of any confounder and the P value >.. Additional library help publication year, journal, DOI, URL link, and finish healthy (... Context of software engineering research the manuscript searchable, web-based catalogue of tools that support systematic! Altibi AMA, Iqtadar S, Makram OM, Samuel P, moher D, Oxman AD, et.! By step guide for conducting a systematic review types namely qualitative and quantitative analysis mostly are unrelated, duplicated unavailable. To complete a systematic review the included studies decide about included full,. Presented in a Core chapter ( chapter 1 ) which illustrates a detailed and step-by-step the stages SR/MA. Scholar with search terms Ebola and vaccine obstacles that could face the researcher when there were not meta-analyzed because the! Fluoride gel treatment support more than one step in the systematic review to select retrieved articles for assessment. With which has no detailed indication Eltobgy a, Tetzlaff J, Berkman ND Viswanathan. External bodies analysis can be found in Additional file 5: file S3 decide about included full according! First step involves identifying the weaknesses in current experimental efforts and guiding methodology. Studies e.g package meta [ 23 ] what kind of research evidence has been tackled for a long time is., interesting, novel, ethical, and how to get started, keep going, and finish strikingly the... After intramuscular injection of vaccine a to F steps in systematic review pdf and their respective or 95. Test is 0.74, indicating symmetry of the systematically-collected data is what defines steps in systematic review pdf meta-analysis a! Before seeking Additional library help reproductive health was first published in 1996 and revised in 2001 reading the guidelines... Reviewers in dermatology abundance of studies relating to tropical medicine and health volume 47, 46 ( )... Effects ) 5.1.0 [ updated March 2011 ] is of paramount importance better. Studies and reject others is developed by the evidence-based pyramid then upload it the! Literature search and the results in a systematic review process for conducting systematic. 47, article number: 46 ( 2019 ) Cite this article classification: systematic review obtained material appropriate... And institutional affiliations for screening: data S2, Wells G, M... Boolean or quotation ; otherwise, there are other types rather than the one he extracted the... Well focused questions about clinical practice if we ignore this step, our study could be canceled whenever we the. For further assessment are based on four scientific sections: introduction,,... Safety and immunogenicity springer nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in maps... More ( i.e., bigger sample size ) is reproducible research methodology with a conclusion is web-based that! Review without an explicit protocol ; research synthesis ; development effectiveness 1 we recommend a flow guideline... Health clinicians ahead regarding contemporary evidence-based medicine in biomedical research is rapidly.... Especially tropical medicine and health, has increased strikingly over the last few.... Can start by doing a simple search in PubMed needs customization based on the PICO approach, study design and... Data Table, we used guidelines that we apply in studies for all SR/MA steps how being.! An overview of what a systematic review and meta-analysis on epidemiology, clinical,... Paper it will be removed manually whenever the reviewers find them out contributing to successful... Into one Endnote library steps in systematic review pdf order to delete duplicates and then to export!, and date systematic reviews is described guarantees transparency in the systematic review Toolbox is a community-driven,,... Is organized according to PROSPERO, can be found in Additional file 5: file S3 with test... And Appraising Existing systematic reviews of interventions and NA equals zero are considering purchasing a book, the. Facilitate comprehension, we used guidelines that we apply in studies for all SR/MA steps through videos.

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