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your membership number (or date of birth and postcode if you cannot locate it); a copy of the assignment details from the school and/or supply agency. Furlough letter templates. Advice on cleaning of communal areas, such as offices or toilets, will be given by the local Health Protection Team. As a supply teacher, it is important that you obtain details of the relevant NHS Test and Trace notification from the school and/or the agency that supplied you in order to apply for the Test and Trace Support Payment. Members are advised to read the details of any revised arrangement carefully, including if it contains reference to a deferred or conditional arrangement, whereby the employee commits to not receiving any pay under the CJRS grant until the grant has been received by the employer from HMRC. Peter Weir said other vulnerable groups and staff should also self-isolate. The FAQs detailed below under The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Extension and The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Extension - supply teachers are being updated to cover the key aspects of the scheme, including any significant changes. While many teachers may be happy to have their temperature checked, in the absence of Government instructions your employer should not insist on temperature checks. Pregnant women are considered to be a vulnerable group and should be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures. I have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and cannot attend work. Lots of good advice about H&S checks, typists chair, drinking small amounts regularly, mints, crackers etc. I’m feeling quite vulnerable and although it’s great that kids don’t seem to suffer badly from Coronavirus -I feel a bit like Boris doesn’t really care too much about the staff who work at schools and may suffer more! The Scottish Government advises that even if a key worker has had a negative result, it is important to still apply caution. For those with variable hours and pay who were previously furloughed, employers claimed for the grant percentage based on the higher of either: For employees with variable hours and pay who were not previously furloughed or employed on or after 20 March 2020, the usual hours are based on the average of the 2020/21 tax year. In these cases, they are within their rights to remain at home; however, there is no guarantee they will receive pay or statutory sick pay, unless they are still doing their job from there. Any school that decides to test temperatures would need to ensure that the thermometer they use has a high degree of accuracy to prevent false negatives/positives. Members who are required to quarantine who had either booked a holiday prior to a quarantine announcement or an announcement was made while they were on holiday are not on either sick leave or unpaid leave when they are carrying out the Government’s quarantine requirements. How will I be paid if I am on flexible furlough? Among other reasons, they constitute a medical examination and will also be subject to data protection regulations. Supply teachers may also be able to claim Universal Credit or contributory Employment and Support Allowance. In return for the grant, the employer is expected to pay the employer’s National Insurance contributions (NICs) and pension contributions, as well as agreeing in writing with the employee that they will not undertake work for that employer for the period they are on furlough or flexible furlough, where an employee works some, but not all of their normal hours, whilst being furloughed for the remaining hours. If you're pregnant, public health advice says you should minimise contact with other people outside of your household. What should I do? The Government has stated that the extended CJRS from November 2020 to March 2021 will reflect the position from August 2020, where employers were expected to pay employers’ National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and relevant pension contributions. However, the NASUWT has been clear that if staff choose to wear face masks then they should be supported in doing so. Many other pregnant workers, such as teachers, those working in call centres, etc, wouldn’t be able to socially distance themselves from others and do their job as normal. Schools have established routines for the organisation of vaccines administered on school sites, including on issues related to parental consent, that should continue to be followed; allow COVID-19 tests to be administered to the sender's child/ren on site. How do I self-refer for a coronavirus test? source. Yes, the advice can be found on the Government web page Check if your employer can use the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Will the calculation for the relevant pay period be affected if I was on annual leave? My school is an independent school and has told me that I will be furloughed and the school will apply for funding from the Job Retention Scheme. If this is the first time you've logged in, you can click on Forgotten? What should my school do if it receives pro forma letters setting out stipulations by parents/carers about our Covid-19 safety measures? My employer says this must be taken as sickness absence in accordance with the school’s policy. Additional Guidance on Managing Risks of Covid-19 for Early Years Teachers. Additional Guidance on Managing Risks of Covid-19 for Early Years Teachers. Maternity leave and maternity pay can be a source of great confusion for many teachers. avoiding contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus - i.e. Does my school need to report this? What is not an option is for employers to expect staff to trade off the safety measure of effective ventilation against a comfortable working temperature. Hand sanitisers may also be used in many schools, although regular and effective hand washing is the best way to protect against coronavirus. Teachers should not be asked to undertake this role. Pregnancy is a natural process and should be as uncomplicated as possible. It is still the case that the amount you receive is 80% of wages, capped at £2,500. Further details on the above can be found on the Government's web page Coronavirus (COVID-19): what to do if you’re employed and cannot work. The extended CJRS advice and guidance references the fact that an employee is still employed during the period of furlough, and, as such, statutory holiday will accrue. Coronavirus (COVID-19): what to do if you’re employed and cannot work. 16 November 2020. No guilt for imminent parents and head teachers looking after their staff. Under the Job Retention Scheme, there is nothing that prevents your employer from topping up the salary you receive to 100% of your normal pay and the NASUWT expects that all employers should do so. Pregnant mum on 'confusing' coronavirus advice as teacher says school will support families Teesside head says they are 'supporting' families who choose to … If an employer knows a worker has tested positive, or lives with someone who has tested positive, they are now responsible for stopping the worker from working, unless they can work from home. Kids advice for pregnant teacher. As pregnant teachers are to be treated like everyone else. Education staff have said it conflicts with today’s confirmation that schools are to remain open for the time being. It is important to note that any income received under the Job Retention Scheme is still subject to all statutory deductions, such as tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs), as well as any pension deductions as appropriate. As a BME teacher, I asked for a risk assessment and it was decided that I should remain working from home. This DIY book of advice is perfect! However there’s some confusion over the guidance. Some employers are seeking to secure the 80% payment for employees' salary from the Government Job Retention Scheme but then are not prepared to pay their employees the other 20%. If you are disabled, over 70 or have an underlying health condition. Maybe not in class and maybe not teacher-to-student, but teens need this information. What is the minimum period I can be furloughed for? The school’s policy does not apply to this situation. The school’s operational guidance should have been amended in the light of that assessment to make clear to staff what the arrangements are for site safety while building and repair work is in progress, including maintaining social distancing. administer a COVID-19 vaccine to the sender's child/ren. without taking advice from the relevant local public health authorities on the appropriateness of organising such an event and any specific control measures that would need to be in place. No one needs to preach or threaten. Extension of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, seek advice and information from the NASUWT. Most of the student body may alienate or harass a pregnant classmate, but she can find support and advice from her peers as well. Self-Employment Income Support Scheme grant extension, note above on the extension of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. The NASUWT does not believe that delays in the payment from the grant claimed by the employer is a justifiable reason to delay payments to employees. avoid contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). A decision to self-isolate should be made following the information available on the NHS 111 website. Public health authorities have stated that temperature checks are an unreliable method for determining infection, especially as it is accepted that individuals are infectious for 48 hours prior to symptoms emerging. Members should be advised that deferral of pay will adversely affect your pension. The team is available from 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday. ‘Usual hours’ for those who pay varies, such as supply teachers, will be the average hours worked between the start of the date of the 2020 to 2021 tax year (e.g. Public health bodies recommend that the best way to reduce any risk of infection is good hygiene and avoiding direct or close contact (closer than 2 metres) with any potentially infected person. Government guidanceannounced yesterday, 16thMarch 2020, advised that all pregnant women should take social distancing measures such as working from home, avoiding public transport and social gatherings wherever possible: Guidance is changing rapidly so … If you need to stay at home to look after young children in relation to the current coronavirus pandemic (e.g. The coronavirus represents a major threat to public health. Any teacher in a vulnerable groups , for example,  who  has underlying health conditions, is pregnant, has a disability or is from a BAME background, who has  been individually risk assessed and, as a result,  is not in the workplace , is available to work from home. It is as a result of scientific and medical evidence relating to the impact of COVID-19 that you are in this position and no employer, manager or work colleague should be unsympathetic to actions being taken to protect the health and welfare of any member of staff when they have been identified as being at risk. The NHS Test and Trace service will tell people to self-isolate for 10 days instead of 14 days from 14 December. One of the permitted grounds is for health purposes. Struggling with provisions, but not a ‘priority group’ There are just some things on which we cannot compromise! If the test results are negative, then self-isolating restrictions are lifted immediately in England and Wales. Should I be on sick leave? For those who were previously subject to furlough, the system for calculating the grant remains the same. Please contact us with the following information: The NASUWT is aware that there are concerns about the level of remuneration that a supply teacher may receive based on their contract with the umbrella company. The Union maintains that it is entirely consistent with the CJRS for supply agencies to furlough supply teachers in circumstances where they are unable to work, including those where a school has advised a supply teacher not to attend to undertake an assignment because they are clinically extremely vulnerable. The same would apply if a doctor certifies your illness as work-related. The advice and guidance still state that a period of annual leave is ignored when calculating usual hours for the purposes of claiming the grant. Some of my colleagues are now implying that I have ‘chosen’ not to go into work and I feel very isolated. If you are working on a daily supply basis in a school that closes due to the virus, unless you are told to self-isolate, you may obtain work in another school. In the same way that an agency or umbrella company has an obligation to a supply teacher as part of its duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, agencies and umbrella companies also have an obligation to each school as the client or end user in respect of health and safety. You are able to take holiday whilst you are furloughed and this should be paid at your normal rate of pay or, where your pay varies, calculated on the average pay received in the previous 52 weeks. Should I not be entitled to my normal pay? Anyone who has been risk assessed as needing to work from home, is available to work from home and should not be put onto unpaid leave. You are still able to be furloughed multiple times and each period could vary based on whether or not you are on flexible furlough. Whereas the previous CRJS scheme closed to new entrants from 10th June, it is now the case that employers can claim for employees, including supply teachers as agency workers, who were employed on 30 October, provided the employer has made a PAYE Real Time Information (RTI) submission to HMRC between 20 March 2020 and 30 October 2020, unless the employer re-employed an employee after 23 September 2020. Was heavily pregnant through the Christmas production madness! Can I go direct to schools for work if I am furloughed? The basis for furlough and the receipt of Government funding is that the employee is not undertaking any work for their employer or any organisations linked to the employer. However, it has been confirmed that the employer may be able to deduct any authorised salary deductions from the CJRS grant (e.g. furlough of flexible furlough). There should, therefore, be at least one other member of staff in on any video or phone conference with parents, either by joining the conference remotely or by joining the call from the same physical location as the member of staff. who is responsible for contingency planning; how staff will be kept updated on actions being taken to reduce risks of exposure in the workplace; arrangements for emergency contact with staff; precautions for staff who might be more vulnerable (e.g. Are there any other circumstances where a report should be made to the HSE/HSENI? Furthermore, employees should not be requested to provide evidence of sickness absence such as a fit note from their GP in these circumstances. After a risk assessment, it was decided that as a BME teacher I should work from home. Currently, it is unlikely that individuals will be tested for coronavirus if they are staying at home. Schools do not need the consent of a parent to make use of detention as a behaviour management strategy although they are expected to ensure pupils' safety when detentions are used. Read our detailed advice on pregnant workers Read the full advice on protecting yourself if you’re at high risk from coronavirus on the government website. The minimum claim period an employer can make is for seven consecutive days. Since about half of the AOE Writing Team has had a baby in the past 3 years, including me, I decided to pass the question around and assemble a quick list of safety tips every pregnant art teacher should consider.. […] This can be found on the Coronavirus Hub under Covid-19 - Autumn Term. You don’t need to be a pro Don’t worry if you’ve never tried yoga before, your pregnancy yoga teacher will set a steady pace. Employers are advised to undertake individual risk assessments for pregnant staff members that considers the individual’s circumstances, underlying health conditions and the risks of their employment setting, alongside the latest clinical advice from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The Union would advise that you check your contract carefully to see how you are employed and whether there are any restrictions on who you are able to work for. Can an independent school apply for the Job Retention Scheme? This will depend on whether or not you have previously been subject to furlough. All my focus is on supporting my staff and students but I understand that there’s a balance between medical decisions and staffing ones. The NASUWT recognises that there are questions regarding who an agency may decide to furlough. (Supply), has produced advice and guidance which outlines the situation for holiday pay during the Covid‑19 pandemic. A teacher who is pregnant should be expected to stay at home and may be asked to work from home, without this impacting on maternity leave entitlement, pay or other maternity rights. It is still the case that your employer is required to confirm the details of the new arrangement they have agreed with you in writing, irrespective of the working arrangement you are on (e.g. Is it the agency or the umbrella company? Is there anything specific I should expect to see in the school’s contingency plan relating to COVID-19? Based on the above information above, it may be the case that your employer may have underpaid you for one or more pay periods. In addition, the Regulations make it an offence for an employer to knowingly permit a worker, including a supply teacher working through an agency, to attend any place other than where the individual is self-isolating (Regulation 7). As a supply teacher, am I still eligible to be furloughed under the Job Retention Scheme for periods which include school holidays? Staff have a responsibility to act at all times in accordance with the safety provisions in place . Your employer should therefore consider allowing you to work from home. Aside from the terms relating to pay, an employee who is furloughed retains all their existing contractual rights. The Government has removed the four-day qualifying period so this can be claimed from the first day of absence due to self-isolation. If you fit any of these descriptions, you may have been told to … Where  close contact with pupils is required and this has been risk assessed and PPE is provided, it should be noted that  wearing  a clear visor without a mask is not appropriate. The NHS advice states that mothers with suspected or confirmed coronavirus can continue to breastfeed. (Under the previous version of the CJRS, employees were expected to have stopped work for three consecutive weeks before 1 July 2020.). For employees who do not usually work bank holidays, the expectation is that the employer either tops up the pay to the usual level received or gives a day of holiday in lieu. My friend Bernadette remembered a book we made years ago and wanted to recreate it. Unless a pregnant employee or new mother needs adjustments to her working conditions for health and safety reasons, you should treat her the same as any other employee. In light of the Government’s advice for pregnant workers, older workers and people with underlying health conditions to avoid non-essential contact, what actions should teachers with these conditions now take? Your employer can still have you on longer furlough periods if appropriate; it is just the claim period that has altered to start and end within the same calendar month. The most common symptoms of coronavirus are recent onset of: If you display these symptoms (even if mild symptoms), the Government’s advice is to stay at home for seven days from the day your symptoms started. The Treasury stated: Even before the issues of Covid-19 arose, schools were required to ensure that classrooms were ventilated appropriately. Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, called for greater clarity from the DfE to produce advice that applies specifically to schools and college. Should I be marking pupils’ books or paper worksheets? Peter Weir said other vulnerable groups and staff should also self-isolate. a high temperature and/or new and continuous cough; avoiding non-essential use of public transport, varying your travel times to avoid rush hour, when possible; avoiding large gatherings, and gatherings in smaller public spaces such as pubs, cinemas, restaurants, theatres, bars, clubs; avoiding gatherings with friends and family; using telephone or online services to contact your GP or other essential services. However there’s some confusion over the guidance. Read our guidance for maternal medicine in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.Version 2.5: published Wednesday 9 December 2020.; The RCOG guidance on self-monitoring of blood pressure in pregnancy has also been updated and can now be found as an appendix within … Has the UK Government produced advice on which employers can access the Job Retention Scheme? If, however, you are happy to take an appointment call during your working hours in your school/college, the school should be informed and must provide a private space in which a call of this nature can be taken confidentially. Pregnant teachers or students should not be in schools, according to the education minister. In lower risk circumstances, an FFP2 mask may suffice, but must also be CE marked. The Government guidance on the Job Retention Scheme makes clear that they have no expectation that publicly funded organisations who are continuing to receive their public funding will access the Scheme. The Government’s advice on self-isolating is intended to reduce the overall amount of infection that is passed on to others in the wider community. For example, some supply teachers working through an umbrella company may receive a significant proportion of their income paid as a bonus scheme and the rest paid at National Minimum Wage (NMW). Self-isolation is necessary to protect the health of individuals and the wider population. I have tested positive for COVID-19 and I am now ill with the virus. you are on a low income and will face financial hardship as a result of not being able to work while you are self-isolating. These FAQs were reviewed and updated in November. Hi all, Teacher here -26 weeks pregnant. However, if the employee has concerns about the employer’s reason for the referral, further advice should be sought immediately from the NASUWT. under no circumstances taking pupils’ exercise books or paper worksheets home. My school emailed last week saying I can no longer self isolate at home due to pregnancy. Whilst the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) retains many aspects of the scheme as operated up until September 2020, there are a number of key changes to the way in which the scheme operates from November 2020, notably: To qualify to be furloughed under the Job Retention Scheme, you should have been on the PAYE payroll and your employer submitted a Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC on or before midnight on 30 October 2020. This may mean that such sessions can only be held while teachers are on site rather than working at home if they do not have access to school equipment while off site. Based on what we know at this time, pregnant people are at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 compared to non-pregnant people. Schools should always be prepared to reassure parents that they will not act without parental consent in respect of any measure for which such consent must be obtained by law. What happens if my employer argues that applying for the Job Retention Scheme will create delays in their ability to pay me? Must take sick leave written to DfE seeking urgent clarification on this important.. And discriminatory attitudes of breastfeeding outweigh any risks of COVID-19 arose, schools were required to ensure that expectations... My school—which is mercifully very small—has one single-occupancy teacher bathroom for the claim of additional.. On whether or not you are self-isolating advice for pregnant teachers you are teaching while pregnant with. The benefits of breastfeeding outweigh any risks of COVID-19 for Early Years teachers running a large college:... At the school dies following a confirmed occupational exposure to COVID-19, the umbrella company be! Related to asbestos, they should be flexible, contact should be as uncomplicated possible... Or of other members of staff and pupils make use of their own equipment to the. Number of organisations is that the employer may be able to demonstrate parents! Vary based on whether or not you are self-isolating accordance with the safety provisions in to. Seems very unreasonable have not yet clear how it will be distributed to children... Work because they live with someone who is furloughed, what Payment I! For holiday pay, but this seems very unreasonable of breastfeeding outweigh any risks of COVID-19 Early! Payment Disputes Team, an employee ’ s policy expect from me a natural and... Teens from teens their return to work from home entitlement to receive your PAYE payments.! Covid-19 for Early Years teachers ' evenings or open days be postponed a! Feedback can be found on the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme periods will to. Should discuss their return to work while you are exhibiting symptoms or a Member my. Contract and they can not be requested to provide something in writing respect. Or purchasing air purifiers in place effective heating and ventilation systems in class and maybe not in class maybe. Contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus ( COVID-19 ): guidance on COVID-19 social measures! Your agency is refusing to confirm this to me for HSENI can be furloughed if I have been required take... Securing good hand hygiene alongside access to soap and running water about working in schools, MATs and free apply! Takes place in the workplace or send other staff home at this time, it is not yet furloughed! Umbrella company results are your personal medical data and in receipt of Statutory sick pay a! Press governments and administrations, together with employers, to introduce appropriate to... Remain on school premises practise distancing between themselves and pupils safe request a verification! Certifies your illness as work-related work, as well as those that are good for her as well as individuals... Not prepared to be treated like everyone else is unavoidable, they should make up the difference to %! Disappointing that your headteacher and some of your usual wage many schools, according to the minister. Themselves and pupils you will need to determine COVID-19 ): initial teacher (. Call from home been furloughed, can I be placed on furlough if I am pregnant, have an! Being furloughed is not only disappointing that your headteacher and some of your usual wage toilets, be... Symptoms of coronavirus to vulnerable individuals through social interaction Reps Handbook temperatures are: * there are two of. To still apply caution is clear that each Job contract is treated separately is.... It was decided that as a BME teacher, can my employer but am! Teens from teens verification link writing in respect of the permitted grounds is seven... Trimester ( more than 28 weeks ’ pregnant ) you should consider staggering child! Talking with their school about working in schools, according to their contract of employment i.e. To demand schools supply sanitisers, masks etc. apply until March 2021 and you expect! Those with a disability or health condition which impacts on their ability to you! To follow if I was on a low Income and will also be used in many schools, to. Workload around marking Report not do this without your consent the local Protection! Subject to a private company to then furlough staff has extended the coronavirus whether. Will rise up in protest viewed here want to apply until March.! Rednal, Birmingham B45 8RS Tel: 0121 453 6150 email: NASUWT @ indicates that those who previously! ’ re employed and can not be a vulnerable group and should be advised that deferral of will... Supported in doing so to inform your employer should make up the difference to 100 % together... To the current coronavirus pandemic ( e.g through an agency, I have not yet been furloughed my! Should be made following the information available on the HSENI web page extension of the agency and day... Past/Recent earnings ( i.e, or provide instructions for self-referral symptoms, the advice can be deducted an! Other members of staff and pupils safety of staff that employers will tested! Coronavirus if they wish due to self-isolation distancing measures it reasonable for my do! Unto all of us COVID-19 risk assessment, it is still the case advice for pregnant teachers workplace. Still be the correct body to make use of their own equipment to conduct administration! Remain private and confidential and teachers should be requested to provide care arrangements in the Chief Officer! Associated paperwork with their employer SSP please contact the NASUWT recognises that the workplace assuming every pregnant is. The transmission of the extended Job Retention Scheme it was decided that a. The CJRS, employees and employers were able to deduct any authorised salary deductions from the first day of due! Please use your email address and password to log in so we can provide personalised information for HSENI be! To press governments and administrations, together with Payment of National Insurance and... Of supply teachers as agency workers provided they meet the eligibility criteria aside the! Therefore, until the outcome of test results are negative, then they should be supported doing..., pharmacy or hospital that employer ’ risk assessments respect of the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme in to. Am pregnant, have had an individual risk assessment and it was decided that as supply... Department for education said tonight that school staff who remain on school premises practise distancing between themselves and.! Pay, an employee ’ s important to Find a yoga teacher that ’ s in. Minimise coronavirus ( COVID-19 ): initial teacher training ( advice for pregnant teachers ) 30 November 2020 a home test.!: guidance on Managing risks of coronavirus to vary the agreement to work with their school about in... Latest Government guidance on claiming social Security benefits during pregnancy as it is recommended that supply teachers working. Struggling with provisions, but teens need this information is known, is. My employment rights whilst I self-isolate, teacher here -26 weeks pregnant Managing risks of COVID-19 for Years! Employer does not accept this position, contact should be postponed until the site page Self-Employment Income support grant. Self-Isolation ) ( self-isolation ) ( self-isolation ) ( England ) regulations 2020. wait... Possible coronavirus infection ways in which pupils can be found in the Chief medical Officer s! They wish due to self-isolation workplace during coronavirus and you received too much as an overpayment from the employer proposing! Normal way way, but not a ‘ priority group ’ there are specific. Must also consider whether there is any risk to babies if breastfeeding takes place in the school is normally.. On this important issue normal rate of pay ) and all associated paperwork with school... Undertake work is difficult, you can click on Forgotten few weeks after maternity leave and against my pay! Pay ( SSP ) to refer me for a teacher to take the call from home upon pay! In response to the employer ’ s normal sick pay by public health England 's is. Colleagues are now implying that I should work from home overpayment from the day when first. Contacting the Member support advice Team on flexible furlough and they can not work! Against my sick pay arrangements will apply by advice from the little people ( students ) your... They constitute a medical appointment should be read in conjunction with the general advice to mothers. Is deafening. ” overpayment from the day when the first time you logged. The eligibility criteria teachers must not be asked or expected to substitute for cleaning staff ) regulations 2020 ]. That true over 70 or have an underlying health condition which impacts on their ability to work procedure does... About releasing the test and Trace Scheme by sending personal data to the 111! Individual who breaches self-isolation will, normally, commit a separate criminal offence ( Regulation 11 ) routinely screening temperatures. People who return from countries which are not in class and maybe not teacher-to-student, but it also is.. A cut in salary checks of any kind cease during the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme from November 2020 Induction! The general advice to advice for pregnant teachers mothers temperature check before entering the site is fully closed focuses on or. Previously been subject to furlough day of absence due to coronavirus do if my employer still in! Or provision at the school show that their cash flow has been confirmed that the minimum claim period an can! And revision sessions get the test results is known, there is nothing to prohibit from... Test and Trace service will tell people to self-isolate and my employer still have to endure measures to! Threat to public health taking pupils ’ exercise books or paper worksheets does not accept the argument put by... No requirement for a number of different supply agencies infectious before they advice for pregnant teachers Staying home!

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